RENT Concrete Insulation Blankets!

Paragon Concrete Company (of Waterford) is proud to offer Concrete Insulation Blankets for our customers to RENT! – Call Paragon 248-623-0100

We have over 2000 sq ft IN-STOCK!

Job site delivery available!


ONLY $25.00 per blanket*

Regardless of the weather, call Paragon Concrete for ALL of your concrete needs!

Working with Concrete in Record Cold Temperatures

Foundations, driveways, roads and other projects built using concrete don’t have to be put on hold just because it’s cold outside. Proper Cold Weather Concrete practices allow for Ready Mixed Concrete to be delivered, placed and formed, even in sub-zero temperatures. Make sure to plan ahead! – Mark Danhausen


Cold Weather Concrete Guidelines

  • Use air-entrained concrete when exposure to moisture and freezing and thawing conditions are expected.
  • Keep surfaces in contact with concrete free of ice and snow and at a temperature above freezing prior to placement.
  • Place and maintain concrete at the recommended temperature.
  • Place concrete at the lowest practical slump.
  • Protect plastic concrete from freezing or drying.
  • Protect concrete from early-age freezing and thawing cycles until it has attained adequate strength.
  • Limit rapid temperature changes when protective measures are removed.

Source- National Ready Mix Concrete Association

Glowing Aggregates + Coatings

Paragon Concrete Company (of Waterford) is proud to offer the latest in LEED-friendly innovative concrete products from Ambient Glow Technologies!



Transform ANY concrete, cement, terrazzo, epoxy or stucco project into renewable LEED-friendly ‘accent’ lighting sources!

The AGT line of commercial-grade glow aggregates and coatings features the highest luminosity and longest afterglow scientifically possible.