Rent Our NEW Stone Slinger!

The Stone Slinger is the most cost effective way to accurately place material anywhere on your job site, as it bypasses the need for dumping and handling the material twice, eliminating the need for skid steers, excavators and wheelbarrows. The unique “double conveying” system slings the material directly from the truck to the intended area the material is needed! – Mark Danhausen

One operator can unload and spread tons of material in minutes – up to 100 feet from the truck! Easily slings the following materials…

  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Top Soil
  • Mulch

WHY rent our Stone Slinger?

  • The Stone Slinger allows you to utilize its All Wheel Drive and remote control functions to sling stone, sand, top soil and mulch right where you want it!
  • The Stone Slinger can get into the most difficult job sites, minimizing the amount of time and energy spent getting materials in place!
  • The Stone Slinger can SAVE you upwards of 40-50% in labor costs by eliminating the need for extra machines and man power to move materials manually.


*Rental Rates are based on materials available, job size and location